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Buying the Best Pedal car parts

Pedal cars are not only a great way to get children active but something that adults can use as well. With many people not wanting to spend hundreds or thousands on a pedal car, and the parts being generally easy to put together many people look to build or maintain their pedal cars themselves. Rather than buy inferior pedal car parts or parts that are not durable we will look at where to buy pedal car parts of the highest quality. The focus will be both on used and new parts.

Speed Way Motors:

Speed Way Motors is a unique online store that not only sells full pedal cars but also pedal car parts. The store takes pride in caring the highest quality parts at a relatively cheaper rate than most of its competitors. One of the biggest things that users will get when working with Speed Way Motors is they offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all of their products. If the product is not like how you imagined or just will not work with your pedal car then you are free to return if for refund or exchange. This gives buyers the protection that they will always get what they want without having to settle if they are not happy later.

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Dave the Pedal Car Guy:

If you are looking to work less with big business but with a company that has roots in providing great customer satisfaction than Dave the Pedal guy is your go to for pedal car parts. Dave offers a wide array of pedal car parts on his website that should fit all customer is needs (some new, some old). The biggest benefit of working with Dave the Pedal Car Guy is, if you cannot find what you are looking Dave will go looking for a part that fits your pedal car needs.


If you are not on a budget and looking to spend, then PedalCar.Net offers some of the best but most expensive pedal car parts on the internet. The site bolsters a huge array of parts and bodies that are made of fiber glass. If you are looking to make a custom pedal car with different parts, PedalCar.Net will do this for you and even build it so much you choose. The biggest issue that a user may find with PedalCar.Net is there no return policy as they work with a limited supply of rare and unique stock.

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In conclusion, we see that pedal car parts are in a huge demand as they are cheaper to put together than buying a prebuilt pedal car. If you are looking to buy custom pedal car parts then look at; Speedway Motors and If you are looking for more unique parts that are hard to come by then get in contact with Dave the Pedal Car Guy. Dave and his team will then go out of their way to not only find the part but make sure it will work for you. In the end building a pedal car from the parts up is cheaper and a lot of fun!