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Car Hauler Rental: Choosing Between an Open or Closed Option

Transporting your car from one place to another is tough, especially if you are to do the task all by yourself. It is for this reason that various car hauler rental companies have came into existence – to provide car owners a quick and convenient means of transporting his car from across several countries. If you are to ask, there are basically two main options you can choose from when you are to opt for a hauler rental for your car. Basically, these options are commonly offered by various companies who offer hauler rental for a set amount of price. These two options are namely an open car hauler or a closed car hauler.

Open car hauler

Open car haulers tend to be the most common type of car haulers available from various car hauler rental companies out there. Basically, these haulers are the common choice for transporting vehicles like ATVs and bikes, as well as other things like yard equipment and the likes. Unlike the closed hauler type, an open hauler doesn’t provide any protection for your car against elements like weather, rain or heat. Hence, the chances of exterior damage for your car are high as compared to that of an enclosed one.

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Closed car hauler

A closed car hauler on the other hand is the most suitable choice to opt for if you are looking for a more secure and protective means of transporting your car. If you don’t want any elements to damage the outsides of your car seriously, then a closed hauler makes an ideal choice. Since it is enclosed, you can be able to guarantee that your car will arrived at its destination unscathed, without even a single scratch! Other than your precious car, you can also opt for a closed car hauler to transport other things like household furniture, motorcycles, as well as snowmobiles.

Other types of car hauling options

Other than an open and closed hauler, you can also find several car hauler rental one way services that could fit your needs. One of them is the drop deck trailer type which has a drop down feature for an easier access. This type is also a popular choice for those who are looking forward to transport their vehicle as the vehicles can all be driven into one. Other choice is the lowboy trailer which features a low elevation from the ground, thus making it easy to load.

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How to look for a reliable car hauler renting company?

There are lots of hauler rental companies available all throughout the US. If you are living within Houston, you can expect to come across various car hauler rental Houston companies near you.  If you want, you can try visiting them in their local offices and try inquiring about their rates as well as the type of rental services they can offer you. Or for your own convenience, you can instead go online and look for the websites of hauler rental companies in your area. This way, you can be able to come across various rental companies without the need to waste a lot of time and money in the process.