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Car Rental Brooklyn: Because the Trip Matters

Brooklyn is one of the best and the most wonderful place to spend time in especially if you’re into a laid back town-y atmosphere. It is also indeed a melting pot of various cultures and diversities so a visit to the place will definitely put your busy and hectic mind to rest. It may be one of the most highly populated areas in New York City but it is definitely compensated with its rich culture. Car rental Brooklyn will help you discover more of the beauty of the place through driving along the busy streets of Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn has been considered to be the “New New York”, so they say. It is true as it hosts the finest in public art collections, music, and contemporary skill of various talented Brooklyn locals and residents.

Car Rental Brooklyn, Sights to see, places to visit….

A car rental in Brooklyn is your ticket to Brooklyn’s finest tourism. You can enjoy the following sights and sceneries while driving:

  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden

With its warm and friendly atmosphere, a drive through this garden provides that much travel relaxation. It is only located near the heart of the city so you cannot miss this on your drive. Its road is paved with a dramatic display of cherry trees which add color to the whole place. Its Japanese pond garden with its water lily pond leaves a refreshing garden scent that is worth the family and the children’s delight.

  • Coney Island

Who wouldn’t consider visiting Brooklyn without seeing the iconic Coney Island? This is the perfect spot for children. And you can come visit the place through car rental Brooklyn heights. Enjoy the rollercoaster, the Wonder wheel, and even the Luna Park.

  • Floyd Bennett Field

It has been considered to be the first airport in a municipal level located in the heart of New York City. Although it has been closed for several years and operation no longer exists here, it has already become part of the National Park System wherein nature trails and historic runways are still present in the area bringing that nostalgic feel to it. With car rental service in Brooklyn, you can have the opportunity to visit such a place.

You may also visit other attractions anytime of the day as car rental Brooklyn open Sunday is made accessible already.

Types of Vehicles

We offer a wide range of different size of vehicles depending on the number of the vacationers or tourists you are with.  Thus, we are not limited to a few fleets of vehicles. It caters to your budget, luxury demands, space requirements and even some customized services for as long as we can offer. These are the main types of vehicles that are made available for rental services:

  • Convertibles

This is if you want some luxury type of car rentals. It has impressive features both on its interiors and exteriors so it is definitely worth the price.

  • Prestige Models

If you are after for exotic cars, you can choose a number of prestige model cars for your rental driving pleasure.

  • Hybrid or Electric Vehicles

If you’re into economy and environment friendly cars, this one is the right for you.

  • SUVs

For big family and friends’ vacation or travel needs

  • Passenger Vans

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