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Finding the Most Suitable Kids Car Games for Your Children

Videos games are known to be one of the greatest sources of entertainment for young kids in this booming era of technology. Games of all types can be found through a number of platforms whether it is console, mobile or computer affiliated. Kids are exposed to any game of their choosing via the mechanics of search engines and can literally download their needs quickly. However, sometimes parents like to have consent the entertainment of their kids beforehand. Restrictions and differentiating the good and bad should be actively done by the guardian, but what if the child is willingly ready to play any of the kids car games he can? Here we will list and discuss a couple of games that are time-consuming, interactive and child-friendly for your family.

Mario Kart for Wii

Mario Kart has been the reestablishment of legacy gaming and nostalgia in the eyes of gamers of all ages. A racing game that inhabits many notable characters in the company’s brand that has raised it to where it is today. Mario Kart for the Wii is one of the more notable games that the latest Nintendo system has to offer. Surpassing its Nintendo prestige, the kids car games of other consoles simply do not match-up to Mario Kart for Wii because of the incredible gaming experience it gives the user. Coming with a Nintendo wheel if bought with a package, the racing is one of the smoothest with its latest technology and easy to handle mechanics. Single-player mode is exciting, but with the Wii game there is also a multiplayer campaign where you battle your friends in various different maps and modes. The game is thrilling to say the least and contains nothing that isn’t suitable for your child.

mario kart wii

Traffic Racer for iOS [Free App]

Apple products have become something of a phenomenon and are turning regular devices obsolete. First the cameras and now the hand-held gaming industry. Apple has turned their App Store into a haven for gamers who are looking for casual time-wasters to the extreme graphic enthused ones. However, unlike some of the games in the App Store, Traffic Racer is simple. Coming with four basic modes and four similar maps, the app still attracts attention. Speed as fast as you can and beat the traffic, all the while skimming their sides for extra bonus points. What makes this great as kids car games is its niche is the simplicity. Children skip straight to the whacky turns and hand motions of playing instead of the time-consuming plots. This is why an easy to learn racing app such as Traffic Racer made the list and it is also free for everyone’s enjoyment.

Crazy Taxi for PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Crazy Taxi was built and debuted on a Sega Genesis console. The series has flourished in the decade that followed and remains a top-grossing game in the racing market. Kids car games are a saturated market, but the idea of owning a taxi and roaming city streets with missions and time-constraints add bustling entertainment for children. When we look at the grand-scheme of things, the joyfulness still remains after its first release in the late nineties and early two-thousands.

crazy taxi on playstation 3 and xbox 360

Games are coming and going as we mature, but the kids car games we once knew before are growing into something much greater with the higher knowledge of software and graphics. The media is smoother and becomes more realistic to our eyes. The market is expanding rapidly and we have so many choices, hopefully this list will persuade you to give your child a source of entertainment that has been guaranteed as safe and appropriate.