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Is the Smart Car Crash Resistant and Safe As a Small Car?

The Smart car is a brand in the auto industry that has gained traction as they become an advocate for car safety on the streets. Consisting of two seats and an unconventional design for modern times, Smart has built themselves as unique. However, more so than being different, they are known as reliable. Clocking average speeds of fifty miles per hour, this steady vehicle is cautious relieving the driver of stresses of a Smart car crash at times. Although it’s true that the car is for smart-driving and reliability, is the miniscule car truly safe?

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Cars come in all shapes and sizes, unfortunately that insinuates that they must come in large bodies. Where the Smart car lacks is where every other trumps comparably. This makes it very dangerous for the driver of the car when they are in a situation that involves another car’s contact with their own. The size and momentum of another car has enough power to puncture and even roll over the Smart car’s body. This scenario can be run through by being hit by a truck, to a smaller sedan. The Smart car crash resistances are plentiful in other ways, but faced with larger cars, which will be a very common situation is not one. The size is one issue, but when we look at the brighter sides we can see a couple.

Switching from questioning the unlikeliness of a Smart car crash, we can look at what makes Smart ‘smart’. The car is known for its sturdy steering. Also, we may have questioned the size before for when it hits the road with larger cars. However, if the car was in that situation, wouldn’t it be easier for the maneuvering a smaller car than one that is bigger? That is the question and the answer would clearly be yes. When you have a smaller car, you can get out of a tight spot with ease. On to minor smart car crash possibilities, we can look at smaller scale infractions. If you think about parking and whether or not you may scratch a car, it’s nearly impossible. Driving in one-way back lanes with congested objects like trash cans in the way may be unsuitable for vehicles such as SUVs, but the Smart can slice through the area while leaving space. So, in the end why must we question the safety that the Smart car has advertised in their stage of becoming a world-wide brand?

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Smart car crash resiliency places the vehicle as one of the safest on the market. We have looked at the positive and negative that the Smart brand has, but can come to the conclusion that the pro outweighs the con. We may have doubts about the size, but you should look at the situation from a theoretical standpoint. If one was in the seat of a Smart car that was about to get hit and there was a fair distance away. The car, if moving at a relatively average speed, could steer out of the way because of the lack of friction resistance by low mass. Size is an important factor in safety and with that it may be questionable to who may perceive it as safe when in low quantity. The dependence of steering may make that more unsafe for some, and for those who do, should shy away from the Smart car for now until larger bodies are created.