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Military Car Sales – What to Consider When Buying a Military Car

Since buying a car is a big investment, knowing the reliability and consistency is a key factor when considering buying a new or used car. The military or government car market takes up a sizeable portion of all car sales; therefore knowing when to buy is an essential function when considering buying a military car. If you’ve ever considered buying a used car, there is a chance that the car was used for government use or military purposes. Dealers buy all sorts of cars if the price is reasonable, thus what we see as a result is the increasing number of government cars being transformed into cars used for everyday car purposes. So if buying a car is your primbmw x6 top performance military carary objective how do former government cars stack up in comparison to the standard used car? Throughout this article we will explore the pros and cons of buying a used military and how you can find out where to buy a government car.


One of the biggest benefits of buying a former government maintained car is its maintenance history. Military grade cars are regulated by the government, and tend to be monitored more closely due to the fact that these cars are used in rough terrain and tend to get roughed up easily. Also they are maintained regularly because they have to be used to protect the military personnel inside and are made stronger or more reliable due to this reasoning. Government cars are maintained in a timely fashion, annual services such as routine oil check-up ensures that each car is serviced regularly. Also many government cars have their own gas stations, service centers, and mechanics that can quickly access problems with their vehicles which is better for the integrity of the car and thus factors into the longevity and life of the car.

Since CARFAX is mandated to list a car’s previous use as a military car, the buyer can use this piece of knowledge to negotiate the pricing. Also most government cars have their own auctions where the government grossly undercuts the pricing of their cars and tend to be a whole lot cheaper then the average used car.


Although there are not too many cons of owning a government care, we do have to address the downsides of buying a military grade car. One of the biggest disadvantages to buying a government car is the car’s driving history and how aggressively these cars are driven at times. Since the primary purpose of a military car is to protect people, the car is used quite recklessly in order to get out of potentially dangerous situations. Hence why military cars tend to build up a lot of wear and tear on their parts and hence why they are maintained so regularly.

For the most part the terrain the military cars are driven in is quite rough which make sense for all bumps and dips in the image of the car, which can negatively impact the aesthetics of the car. Also since the primary purpose of a military car isn’t for aesthetics, it’s probably not the best looking car since it has many additions made specifically to protect the car.

How to find a military car

Most information on buying government cars can be found online, on government websites, which let you search your area for a specific vehicle type. Since the military not only sells cars, you can find SUVs, trucks and motorcycles on these sites too. If you want to look at these cars before you actually buy them, often times police or government auctions happen in your area where cars are sold for extremely cheap and is the place to go for die-hard bargain hunters.

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So if you’re in the market for a military or government used car then you should remember to always factor in the pros and cons listed above because it is important to know what you are getting yourself into