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New Car or Expensive Classic Car Parts, Which is Worth-While?

New innovations are being created for vehicles every day, coming into play most likely with a newer model car. The mass production that causes older cars to become inferior turns into a circle and we begin the act of obsolescence. In other words, when we buy a car this year, five or so years down the road, the car will practically be advanced by technology in every possible way. Production of parts for the newer models will be more accessible and the ones for yours would become less of a commodity. Now that’s simply five years, multiply that by a couple more and from present time, we can look back at the eighties or even the nineties. The rarity of engines, taillights, and the likes become a rarity that deems them as classic car parts.

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Exactly how rare are these parts? For one thing, some regions of an old car has more rarity than the other. A full car can be sold for nearly five grand, while its parts coming all together would be literally fifty percent more than that. If you are an owner of an old car, your classic car parts could come with a great return in price if you have the patience to sell each chunk of hardware. As a buyer, however restoration parts can be difficult to acquire if your vehicle is classical. You would have to pay a couple hundred for parts such as a gasket seal, carburetor, etc. The engine will also round a couple thousand depending on the make and model of said vehicle. Racking up a plentiful bill if many parts are needed in the long run.

When you compare the old with the new, overall the quality of a new car surpasses that of the past by an exponential distance. However, car owners have become infatuated with old vehicles and their classic car parts. How they were made, the inventions, the innovations having to be created for the functionality of gas and the engine – cars of that period are monumental and groundbreaking. The history of them are astounding, but come with a maintenance fee that dilutes the nostalgia and pushes consumers to a fresher automobile.

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Newer cars, usually at an entry price of twenty thousand, has an abundance of parts and becomes a safer model than anything from the nineties. So in that regard, objectively, the usage of old cars is unconventional and unsafe. However, they do have a sleeker look, and have bodies that are not seen in today’s age. That, along with its rarity via age, corresponds to why the price of classic car parts are higher. They were built differently, and remaking them would be a hassle in a mass productive line rendering it to be done by a custom parts shop. Rarity is the key in this booming economic industry and vintage is not a viable option for the average person unless excess money is lying in their bank accounts.