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Non Owner Car Insurance; A Necessity For All Capable Drivers

Automobiles are everywhere and people are saving to buy the latest ones in town. Some people have a fleet of cars whiles others do not even own a bicycle. Such people do not see the importance of cars and automobiles in their everyday life, let alone the significance of an insurance policy. People use their friend’s cars and some also do rentals. Conjuring any form of injury through an accident and getting the car damaged does not lead to it being liable by the owners of the car but liable to you through the Non Owner Car Insurance.

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They have a policy and their policy is mainly for those who do not have the bragging rights to the ownership of cars but drives a car once in a while going on a trip, a date or just a mere vacation. With this type of insurance, the non owner car insurance cost is moderate and affordable and it generally costs much less than the owner’s policy in the range of $200 to $300 annually. This is due to the fact that the risk that an insurance company suffers is much lesser than the owner of the auto because he or she drives the car more often.


Everybody can take up the policy provided that you stick and adhere to these conditions. You must have a valid driver’s license. Yes, some people might say, why do they require this? This is to ensure that you are have a good record or at least have some have legal backing which would ensure that in case you use any car and suffer any unexpected encounter, you have a document that would help them indemnify you to the fullest of your satisfaction. They also take into consideration, Non ownership of a vehicle. Since this policy is mainly for those without cars but loves to drive once a while, they ensure that you don’t have the full ownership rights of the car because their rates for a person without the ownership of a car is far different from the person who is the bearer or owner of the car. They also seek from you your area of residence and also inquire if you do not have access to vehicles either from friends or parents. This is to duly ensure that you do not drive cars and automobiles regularly where you cause so much damage and pay less. It must be noted that insurance is not mainly a profitable or lucrative business but to help bring people and individuals to their former self and condition. If you do not fall into these categories then you are to go ahead and get the policy and it would duly help and protect you from future and unfortunate circumstances.

Below are video that would give you some insight into the whole thing.


There are so many policies that a person seeking insurance can duly choose from. We have the Non owner Sr22 Insurance and also have the Geico amongst a list of other insurance companies which contents consist of moderate cost. Their non owner car insurance quote is good and affordable. They are all into helping individuals who do not have cars to get insured and be indemnified anytime they are faced with an unfortunate situation.

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