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Smart Car Gas Mileage: Improving Mileage for a Better Fuel Economy

With the current economic scenario, you just can’t go around wasting your money on car fuels. Considering the huge increase in the prices of fuel, it pays to spend less while receiving more out of your car. Basically, you can do this only if you improve your car’s mileage. For some, this might sound to be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are in fact several tips you can employ to increase the mileage of your car, thus allowing you to save a lot of money for fuels. And if you own a smart car, these tips for increasing your smart car gas mileage could help you a lot:

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Take good care of your car and its smart car gas mileage

One of the best means to increase your smart car gas mileage is by simply taking good care of your smart car. This is in fact one of the most neglected parts that every smart car owner faces. Taking good care of your car doesn’t mean to be an arduous task. You simply have to tune up your engine, clean your filters on a regular basis, and do regular maintenance at least a few times a month.

Travel lightly

Among the common factors that shorten your car’s mileage is the presence of heavy loads. When traveling, you have to keep in mind that you should travel lightly. If possible, bring only the things you will need during your trip and take away extra weight that could only bring burden to your car. Also, always remember that an extra 100 pounds could increase the fuel consumption of your car by around 1-2%, thus it only makes sense to take that extra loads off.

Take it slow

Suppress your urge to travel fast, instead travel only on a moderate pace. Basically, the faster you go, the harder your engine will need to push through the wind thus increasing fuel consumption. In fact, speeding could reduce as much as 30% of your fuel efficiency, thus lowering the overall mileage of your car.

Plan your route ahead of time

Before you proceed on your trip, you have to plan your route carefully first. Take only those routes with a few stops and turns, and the ones with less traffic as well. Through this, you’re not only saving on the amount of time needed to reach your destination, you’re also increasing your fuel efficiency and mileage at the same time.

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Use cruise control

Cruise control allows your car to run at a constant speed. This would apply to those who tend to drive with fluctuating speeds. By taking human element out of the picture, you can be able to maintain the same moderate speed while driving.

Combine multiple trips into one

If you have several destinations to go to, it is best to combine all of them into one if possible. Look for a route wherein you could be able to reach them in one go. Through this, you can save on gas and will reach your destination a lot quicker than the usual.

These smart car gas mileage 2013 tips can give you an extra edge on your car’s fuel efficiency while on the road. Make use of these tips for you to have a better fuel economy in the long run.