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Smart Car Prices – The Efficiency between Gas Consumption and Smart Car Prices

The growing caution of automobile owners and the mass emission of carbon gasses can be worrisome to many pro-environmentalists. The vehicles that were manufactured in the later twentieth century were accustomed solely for travel with no regards for wild-life and atmospheric negatives. This has caused a portion of blame for the world-wind of panic that is pollution. Nowadays, though, we have seen an increase of gas-savers and a decrease in gas-guzzlers. One of the purest examples is the Smart Car. This two-seat semi-aerodynamic automobile has become a phenomenon in the eco-friendly and green industry.

smart car prices

Most cars in past decades had sacrificed their gas-mileage for low-quality engines thus making it cheaper in the end. Manufacturers have struggled a long ways before finally being introduced to the Smart Car’s technology. A sleek and small car, which is made to reduce the smart car prices, but contains a powerful engine, look and gas efficiency. However, how effective is the gas-mileage when the price of the car itself ranges from thirteen grand upwards to twenty-five? It may seem inexpensive, but when you notice that there are only two seats, which may also be crowded if you are a bigger person. Through a little bit of mathematics and common sense, we can see if smart car prices are worth the bang for your buck.

The 2014 Smart ForTwo

One of the newest models and least expensive of the ‘smart’ models is the 2014 edition of the ForTwo. The design of the car is known to be outdated, but still has a sleek modern look with new-age material usage. The ForTwo comes in three versions which can alter smart car prices, but remain competitive as well. The Coupe Pure is the least expensive version and most likely when using a smart model for short distances, the luxury is miniscule for most. The Coupe Passion and Cabriolet are the less frugal choices. The car also, like stated before, is for short-distances with its slow acceleration and street-smart over highway-smart attributes. However, the bare bones of this article is to determine whether or not the Smart car’s efficiency holds weight when placing it near its price-range.

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The gas mileage on the 2014 ForTwo by Smart is 36mpg at average, which lowers it below the Toyota Prius’ EPA rating. Although, when you look at the prices, they differ heavily. Where the ForTwo’s entry price is nearly fourteen grand, while the Prius is above twenty thousand. The gas mileage of the Toyota Prius also trumps the ForTwo by a long ways, going beyond fifty in city streets.

Ultimately, the smart car has still a far way to go before they become a competitor in gas mileage while bolstering a power-house engine that can be suitable for all types of streets. For now, the smart and ForTwo models cannot stack up to the bar that the Toyota Prius has set, but in the future, with greater technology, we definitely can predict that the smart car prices will remain low, while being a major in the EPA ranks.