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Smart car reviews – The 2014 Fortwo Gasoline Edition

You can call smart cars a fad for environmentalists or the future of the automobile industry but, the fact is they are ever increasing in popularity at this current time. With the sheer number of sales and the amount of individuals looking to purchase such vehicles we thought today we would look at the 2014 Fortwo and do a smart car review on it.

Fuel Economy:

No matter if your reasoning is for personal gains or for a better world, the fact is fuel economy matters. When it comes to the Fortwo many people often associate the small size with it having a great fuel economy, probably the best of all cars. Truth be told the car does have great fuel economy but, it is not better than larger hybrid vehicles. The car itself consumes 36 miles per gallon which is less than what all 2014 Toyota and Honda hybrids can make per gallon. If you really like the car but want better fuel economy you can look at Smarts Electric version of this car. Overall we give the fuel economy of this car a 4/5 rating.

smart car fuel economy


Smart was no slouch when it came to safety and like many other smart car reviews on the web we do not disagree. The small stature of the car may seem lacking back it is packed with 8 air bags (a total of four, for each person occupying a seat). Independent testing by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has given the car exceptional reviews in terms of crash tests. The biggest strength of these tests showed that drivers and passengers being hit from the side where very well protected (a perfect 5 stars). The lowest rating the car received was for roll overs where it seemed more prone to (it received 3 stars in that). We give this cars safety a 4/5 rating.

smart car safety

Design and Interior Features:

Giving a smart car review for the design and interior features is a bit tricky. On the one hand we personally do not like the exterior look of the car. Compared to other cars currently on the market, the 2014 Smart Fortwo looks like something you’d fit a bunch of circus clowns in. The interior on the other hand looks like it took a page out of its sister company (Mercedes Benz) is book. On the higher end models we see exquisite leader seats with a touch screen control center. When it comes to interior room both passenger and driver get adequate room if they are not too tall but someone over 6’5’’ in height might disagree. The trunk does come with enough room for people to bring a modest amount of groceries or small goods but it may be lacking for a larger family who needs to keep multiple things in the trunk at a time. Overall we give the trunk a 3/5 rating.

Concluding we see the Fortwo is a decent car for not only those looking for great fuel efficiency and safety. The issue in the car becomes the exterior as many drivers may find it as an eyesore, the interior does make up for it in some regards but is that enough for you? The verdict we give from this smart car review is a 4.3/5.