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What to Consider When Buying a Used Rental Car

Buying a car tends to be a big commitment, thus knowing the reliability and consistency is important when considering buying a new or used car. The used rental car market takes up a substantial portion of all car sales; therefore knowing when to buy is an essential function when considering used rental cars. If you’ve ever considered buying a used car, there is a good chance you may have encountered a used car that came from a rental company. Dealers continuously buy from rental car companies and try to turn them over for a profit, thus what we see as a result is the increasing number of used rental cars being sold at dealers across the country. So if buying a car is your primary objective how do former rental cars stack up in comparison to the standard used car? Throughout this article we will explore the pros and cons of buying a used rental car and how it can affect your everyday commute/life.

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One of the biggest benefits of buying a former rental car is its maintenance history. Rental car companies strictly regulate how and when their cars are maintained in a timely fashion, annual services such as routine oil check-up ensures that each rental car is serviced regularly. After all, their rental cars do reflect on the reliability of their rental car company, thus putting their reputation at stake. In hindsight many rental car companies have to perform routine maintenance that often surpasses the amount of service a private owner might do. Larger more prominent rental car companies have their own in house mechanics that can quickly access problems with their vehicles which is better for the integrity of the car and thus factors into the longevity and life of the car. Otherwise rental car companies give certified dealerships their cars for repair work, meaning that experts for the respective car makes field are always the first to maintain and service the rental car.

Another substantial benefit to buying a used rental car is its cost. Since CARFAX is mandated to list a car’s previous use as a rental, the buyer can use this piece of knowledge to negotiate the pricing. Therefore giving die-hard bargain-hunters an edge when it comes to negotiating the price of the used rental car.


We also have to address the drawbacks of buying a rental car, or else the prospect would be too easy and too obvious of a choice. One of the biggest disadvantages to buying a used rental is the car’s driving history and how rental car drivers tend to abuse the privileges of it not being their own personal car. Since different people have different driving styles, the car never is able to properly adapt to the drivers wants due to the short turnover period of renting a car. Hence why rental cars tend to build up a lot of wear and tear on its parts and could potentially breakdown earlier on.

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The type of driving a rental car customer might perform tends to be a little bit more reckless compared to the average private owner. Since it isn’t their own car they tend to drive more aggressively and aren’t phased by minor scratches or spills in the car, attributed by the factor of it being a car that they do not plan on owning for the rest of their lives. Hence all the bumps and dips in the image of the car, which can negatively impact the aesthetics of the car.

There are only a few solutions to addressing this issue when buying a used rental car; you should consider hiring a trusted mechanic to perform an inspection. This way you can know the in’s and outs of the car and how well it fares in wear and tear. If this seems like too much of a hassle for you, then buying a used rental car may not be the best decision for you. Otherwise buying a used rental car may actually turn out to be an inexpensive, well maintained choice of cars amongst the plethora of used car options out there on the market.