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Who Makes the Smart Car: Tracing the Smart Car’s Manufacturer

Smart cars are now growing in popularity as of these days, considering the fact that many car enthusiasts now have their very own smart car in use. If you are wondering what a smart car is, it’s basically a tiny form of car which is known to be energy-saving, environment-friendly, and affordable at the same time. Though a lot of people already have their very own smart car, only a few of them know about the history of such car. And if you are thinking about who makes the smart car, then this article will give you with the information you might need.

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To answer your question as to who makes the smart car, it’s no other than Daimler AG, an auto company which is based in Germany. However, most of the manufacturing process is basically done in Hambach, France where the production plant for these smart cars is located. If you think Daimler AG is a new name for you, then it is simply a German-owned and based company which is the owner of various car divisions which include Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Freightliner. Other than that, it is also the company which have purchased the famous American carmaker, Chrysler.

Technically, the production of smart cars are within the supervision of the Mercedes-Benz division. The production plant in which these cars are manufactured is referred to as Smartville which features state of the art facilities and innovative techniques in creating cars that are not only efficient but affordable as well.

Some things to know about smart cars

Smart cars have long been in use within the streets of Europe, providing European individuals a sleek and comfy ride. Since its introduction in the US in 2008, a lot of individuals have began to wonder a few things about this particular type of car. Some of them include the following:

What is a smart car?

A smart car is designed to be a commuter car that aims to provide a fun driving activity with an impressive gas mileage. Despite its tiny size, it offers a fully functional feature by means of a spacious cargo area in the rear plus a roomy two-seater hatchback. The one who makes the smart car for two is no other than the partnership created by Mercedes Benz and the maker of Swatch watches.

Does it provide safety on the road?

The answer is YES! In fact, it has a number of safety features that are normally found in 3 models made available in the US. During the manufacturing process, safety is the first priority being considered by the Mercedes-Benz company. Hence, you can assure to have a safe and comfortable ride when riding a smart car on the road.

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Is it easy to drive one?

Despite the ability of smart cars to shift gears manually, you don’t have to worry about the easiness of driving one since no clutch is included. It’s as if you are simply pushing or pulling paddle levers on the steering wheel. With this feature, you won’t be having a lot of difficulties maneuvering this tiny yet efficient vehicle on the streets.